A slice of Pi

No. Not the infinitesimal number. I am talking about the Raspberry Pi. NO! Not the food! THIS Raspberry Pi:

Introducing The Raspberry Pi 2 | Hackaday
It certainly does not look appetizing.

A Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer which has revolutionized the field of computer science and electronic hobbies, and it fits in the palm of your hand. Yes, this tiny little electronic board is a working computer much like the laptops and desktops you come across.

As you can see from the image, there are pins and other components exposed. That is what gives the Raspberry Pi modularity when it comes to projects such as: weather monitoring, cryptocurrency miner, web server, game server, robots, and much more.

The original purpose of the Pi is to introduce people to the field of electronics and computer science. You can learn how to install an Operating System, learn how to program, and even learn how to set up services all from this affordable small board. Seriously, these things can cost between $4 to $35.

Of course, you can use it as an everyday computer, but don’t expect phenomenal performance up to par with current powerhouse desktops. The most recent model, the Raspberry Pi 4, comes with RAM as high as 8 Gigabytes, which can be used as a regular computer.

Or you can do projects with the little sucker. Just recently I dusted off my Raspberry Pi, and turned it into an ad-blocking server through the use of PiHole.

And my Internet speed has never been better!

Eventually I will make some more projects provided if I acquire more Pi’s. I am eyeing on making a cryptocurrency miner to understand the field.

Until then… HACK TO THE FUTURE!!


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  1. Roman

    Do it!

    It’s funny. I looked on Twitter recently and was disappointed to see a lot of folks I respect mock cryptocurrencies.

    They have no idea what they’re missing. I’m already up thousands and all I did was take one course from Crypto Charlie (CultivateCrypto on Twitter). Mining’s probably even better than investing because you’re basically making money. I haven’t learned how to mine yet. I’m just an investor.

    1. OceanMan

      There is some credence coming from the hecklers in light of scams being done through the use of cryptocurrency, but they don’t have the final word. Cryptocurrency has immense potential. It just needs to smooth out its rough edges in order to truly take the world by storm, and not come off as just another internet meme.

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