“Artificial Intelligence” is not smart enough to be a threat.

Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s here. Artificial Intelligence has made waves in the form of ChatGPT, and soon enough they will bring about the end of humanity as we know. Computers have now truly conquered mankind, for they make better choices than we can ever imagine. AI can even detect when you have a need to use the bathroom. I guess I should shelf my career as a hacker, and become a chicken farmer.

AS IF!!!

OK. Hear me out: “Artificial Intelligence” will never supersede humans. Let’s put that bogeyman out to pasture. “Artificial Intelligence” is nothing more than a set of sophisticated Machine Learning algorithms intended to solve problems. From face detection to predicting housing prices in the market, “AI” has a myriad of applications and overall potential.

“AI” is definitely nothing new. It has been invented in the late 1950s in Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, and from there advances have been developing ever since. Of course, with great power comes great responsibility. “AI” is nothing more than a tool, not much different from a hammer or an ax.

“AI” can never hope to substitute humans because it can never reduce human decisions to long sequences of binary choices. That will take an unprecedented amount of data which we might not reach until the end of time.

Even ChatGPT knows.

The real issue “AI” will have is those who created the darn thing the first place. Anyone who crafts an “AI” program can and might subject it to biases, which can create a new set of problems. After all, you can torture data long enough to get the results you want. But let’s hope no one uses “AI” for evil, and we can get along with our computers and peers.

That is all! And as always… HACK TO THE FUTURE!!


A tropical monk i.e. an ocean man living through cyberspace.

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